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( for Gary Barwin )

Gary Barwin (who has one of the best 'favorite books' descriptions i've seen on blogger profiles), published this wonderful giftpost recently: "Spirit Punctuation" on his Serif of Nottingblog -- in response, i was prompted into action by playing with some Mecanorma dry-transfer lettering which my beautiful sister Wendy had gifted me & i was happy to finally use it & now i'm in the mindframe to attempt a series of concrete with it & see how if anything comes out.

So, thanx again Gary for that motivational push & thanx for sharing yr work via blogging, Serif of Nottingblog is a specialspot on the web. salut!

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i love this, (quote) sa...


Anonym sa...

These are great, troy! I love the first 3 or 4 especially, the awesome artwork and the rich gold color. Really nice work...

troylloyd sa...

muchmany of thank you Angela!

yeah, that gold color -- i'm a
lignin freak & i love the deep warmth of old yellow'd pages, these were "saturated" digitally a bit to bring it out more -- this new movement towards archival acid-free paper is alarming & i'll take paper w/ potential for acid-damage over that fancy-pants stuff everytime!

alotta this post was riffing on Gary's work:

that excellent quote =

the adrenal gland w/ half H , ! ? =

the lady looking at °ƴ◦ painting =

the william tell ,nterrupt'd =

and, i gotta add this eyesome tribute to Sparky & Saroyan b/c it's totally rads!!!


troylloyd sa...

oh yeah, the Hebrew comma fish eye thing = b/c he knows Hebrew.

(altho i don't even know which Hebrew character it is, it's doubled up overlay, i diddit a while back & have incorporated it into a few different pieces.

mike cannell sa...

I agree with Angela, truly awsome poems. coolstuff