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rapidoliner .35 sa...

(oscillation ain't
only electric fans)

draw a straightline
in yr notebook,
underneath it, write:
" under lines we hide "

then, in yr quickest handwriting,
scribble script:
" short fallow for long follow "

next, slowly write:
" first things first.

best thought, best thought "

now write something
you haven't read
but would like to read.
(read it)


for example:
you must be drunk

if yr still reading that,
stop reading this.

you'll be
presently purposed
in yr little corner
of the world.

(always keep in mind
yr mind)



- -

mike cannell sa...


troylloyd sa...

mind the pixies

mike cannell sa...

in he ixi

ArtSparker sa...

And don't forget to thank your Uncle Wallace and his
Primitive Like an Orb.

See also under kabbalah for fragments of light and containers.

troylloyd sa...

uncle wally always rides high like whodunnit,

he always was crunchin' mystic numbers & would talk of paralyzing the senses until the latter of course became an entirely changed basis.

phrases like " The Murderous Sky " drift'd elastic gas thru glass & the shop-window quality of things,

space between.

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