en otras palabras

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ben v. swipefile sa...

don't burn this pg, but scorch it

edit this pg, it need it

react like wrong is right on this pg

tear this pg out

leave this pg alone

erase this pg

take this pg to the movies w/ you

look at this pg again

substitute another pg for this pg

drink this pg w/ a lime

"partie du tout a ben" (this page)

don't be nice to this pg

do too much of it
while remembering this pg

consider this pg a found object

you are in "real time" on this pg

read this pg as readermade ready

enter this pg into visual evidence

don't believe a word on this pg

this pg is a collective accumulation

this pg resembles another pg

if this pg was blank, it wdn't be blank

however much this pg cries,
give it no milk

this pg is not an appropriation

put this pg in yr pocket
& carry it around

this pg deserves to be a pg

if this pg was different,
it'd be the same

this pg requires no subscription

how can this pg earn a decent living wage?

this pg is not flat

scratchoff this pg to see if you've won

this pg has more to come

do not hold this pg in yr hands

superimpose this pg w/ the preceding pg

there are no connections on this pg

this pg likes for you to read it

what do you think of this pg?

actively participate w/ this pg

this pg remains uncounted

the original ream misses this pg

this pg has no memory
of what it was
before it was this pg

next pg is already here

this pg is atta end
but neverending


mike cannell sa...

burn pg burn transliterary inferno!

troylloyd sa...

this pg is as exotic
as a twelve light
lilly lamp

(Tiffany's not included)

mike cannell sa...

teflon tiffny

Anonym sa...


troylloyd sa...

Hei kaveri!

olet todella ystävällinen!

(pidän suomenkielestä)
[ yksi kieli ei ikinä riitä ]

kiitos paljon!

& voi hyvin !