The punchline to this foundpoem should be self-evident -- the fact the word "into" has been smashed into. It was found on the corner wall of a convience store & has a bit of personal meaning for me because i'm aware of how difficult it is to navigate a large truck in a small narrow parking space of convience store lots, formerly working as a route delivery person for a bigtime salty snacks company & driving their big truck up and down the streets.

Unfortunately, i don't know the correct or proper term to call this species of self-defined textual language (which is why i often rely on the encyclopedic knowledge of Geof Huth, because i'm sure he knows & he writes extremely concisely about such interesting topics) -- but, it's a very common thing & it's used heavily in advertising, i.e.:



& things like that, where the word is portraying what it signifies. As a sidenote, i was amused by the attention i garnered from the employees of the store -- no doubt the manager had seen me on camera & sent a faithful wage-slave to investigate the doings of this possible threat to normalcy -- is there a term for the current cultural atmosphere here in America? You know, something along the lines of the Red Scare -- i'm sure someone has written about it, the parallels are obvious.

i was also amused by being crazy-ass stared at by gas-getting patrons -- you see, it had just rained & i noticed the yellow & blue paint for the parking lot lines was slightly loose, allowing me to gently pry the thick paint off & into my ever-growing collection of findings. Thanx to my patron saint, Kurt Schwitters, i harbor no embarrassment at all in the face of inane public scrutiny, in fact i'm quite turned on by it (unless it is the po-lice) & i'm of the belief that even the smallest form of public displays of civil disobedience goes a long way toward helping us dumbass Yanks evolve into a more sophisticated buncha rubes, maybe? Nah, us Yanks will always be ugly dumb fuckers with no progressive vision -- i mean shit, do you think a nation that elected W. Bush twice has any chance to redeem itself?
No way José, our collective sins are too deep.

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the blindstoned cowboy sa...

" I've been lookin'
for commments in
all the wrong places"

Chris sa...

This is unrelated.

When I first moved to Portland, there was a pedestrian bridge across the highway that said: "FAILING PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE". I thought, heavens! They should do something about that.

But they didn't, and I wasn't for about a year that I found out why. And a few years after that, they changed the sign, to clarify: "FAILING ST. PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE". The Failings are one of those ancestral Portland families, and they have a street named after them.

Still, I prefer the old sign.

troylloyd sa...

: )


that's some funny-ass shit there Chris, thanx for sharing.

i'm a late adopter of digital media devices (it even took me forever to accept cd's insteada vinyl records)( but oh how i've missed so many great photo ops, my old analog 35mm would be wastin' films -- but now i go & upload my digipix & often stunned that i've got like 250 pix, it's amazing.

thanx for commmenting.

i've enjoyed reading yr posts about Toronto.

matt dalby sa...

Great photos. Reminds me I must get out this weekend and photograph the mash-up of two signs round the corner from me that currently reads 'SHong Kuds', plus a couple of other bits and pieces round town. Included in that would be the kerbstones mentioned in a recent post where some kids wrote their names in melted tar during the recent hot weather.

troylloyd sa...

hey Matt,

yeah man, i dig kerbstones.

i think it'd be cool to document where you find the forks & spoons too, in their natural habitat when you find them, if you happen to have a camera on you, that is.