telephone the poles, stapled in weatherings.

An update on my pole plasterings :
Recently on visit to Atlanta, i was able to check-up on some stapled papers i had put up -- to my surprise, there were pages left. On the corner where Books Again is in Decatur, a couple of pages which weren't facing the street had been left upon the pole & had weathered quite nicely. i didn't have time to make it down to the Emory Bookstore where alotta other stapled pages where & they're so expensive i couldn't have bought any books anyways, but they do indeed stock many many great books you'll never see on the shelves of any other Atlanta bookstore.

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the former Dr. Alfred Bader sa...

one of the coolest books i bought at Books Again is Insania pingens which was only $ 7, printed 1961 by Heliographia Ltd., Lausanne Switzerland

It is not the purpose of this book to prove anything, but to afford an insight into the wonders hidden in the depths of the human soul. The remarkable gifts displayed here by three psychotic patients open up to us a realm of weird poetry -- a realm which the poet and the scientist, the art historian and the physician each strives in his own way to make accessible. Disease itself then fades into insignificance before man's astonishing creative energy. To bear witness to the primaeval spirit of humanity is the sole aim of this pictorial album.

troylloyd sa...


The Emory Bookstore isn't really expensive, it's the cover-price on all the university press books that're expensive.

Often they'll have good clearance items & they also have some comfy chairs & don't mind an instore note-taking reading.

They're a cool joint, they still have a copy of a Chas. Bernstein edited exhibition catalog from the "plastic poetry" show intha poetry section, it's pretty interesting in that it deals w/ vispo inna way.