dégommé : die the death, reflex.

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crushing jaganath sa...

fluency et al altogethery
argue, in short, probsolve.
careful criteria cannot
either case whword
like the following :
d . f . m .
distinguished flymedal
dogfuck mutton
(dégommé dagga rooker)
die the death, reflex.
( phrase ; parse )
" roofpread"
affix physically, that is
inserthing n(aim)e via
phonodomain. as aphasia
amply enough savain't
just like riding a bisythical,
outlined set of evidence
suggest samentics,
yet special differentials
invoke open however closed,
rabbit intact prima facie
for xamples, total interactionism.
paraphasias makalit pix,
tricking jinx suchbunny.
followflower or syntactic impairment,
e.g. goodglass & agrammatism.
automatic and/or apparent
as salvaged, also also
also on controls conclusive.
encapsulation may not
have any meaning at all.
unambiguous as interstimulus
even in spectographic analysis
& furthermore chirps categorical
from dadadada to ba to pa
qua chordsort vocal.
(oh, hello.)


mike cannell sa...


Anonym sa...

enemmän kuin sana
enemmän kuin maailma.

Valo kajastaa
lävitse kuin ihon alle olisi
sytytetty lyhty.

troylloyd sa...

Mike :
phenixbirth or all paper burns, ash.

Satu :
more than the word
more than the World."

thanx for the poem!

ArtSparker sa...

A difficult birth.

troylloyd sa...

diffraction pattern
xray dislocality,
doppio doppio
double coupler,
'lil nemo