rara avis verbatim

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demi-doss dustbin sa...

pathways flank main
or rara avis verbatim
inasmuch very verismo
summa cum linguae
& glimpses dip arguseyed
allaways outlier
above any early
dissociable firstword mechawealth
normanature & meaninglength
utter ut utter ur utter
punchline to punchline
passage thru passage
from nouniness uptil verbocity
inna elaborated lexical lace
selective as spanners & wrench,
echolalia w/o omission
so rote w/ imitation
ditto the ditto
an empty yet intact
both as content & function
only focal innate
hardwired, hori___zontal
zonal thrown
. ( first stirrings


mike cannell sa...

fist stirrrings

troylloyd sa...

( flith stiltings

mike cannell sa...

sist firrrings

troylloyd sa...

( flung struthers