(guest blogger)___________________________A Walk in the Abstract Woods with______ Andrei Molotiu

The marks in "Holzwege," which I posted Tuesday on my blotcomics blog, are based on this photograph I took of a fallen tree, in a park near my house:

Nature writes asemically, doesn't it?

Here are a couple more photographs
of the same tree trunk:

Photobucket Photobucket

And here are a few more
photographs I took on the same walk:





As for the source for the title of "Holzwege,"
I'll let you figure that one out by yourselves.

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troylloyd sa...

Andrei opened my eyes to the world of abstract comics -- i first came across his work via reading some of his informative/passionate postings on the Comics Journal messageboard

& i was instantly enthused about possibility of great variation & exploration inherent with abstract comics, as opposed to traditional narrative based comics -- some people get upset or even angry at abstract comics, claiming they are not sequential & that sequentiality is the core of comic art, but this is a narrow-minded viewpoint & limits the scope of comics to a formulaic deja vu, over & over.

i have much respect for Andrei as he has steadfastly stoodstrong in the hostile face of such criticisms & has continued to produce, promote & proselytize abstract comics.

Andrei sa...

Thanks so much, Troy!

Oops, I should have corrected that "Last Tuesday" to "Tuesday, August 19." Could you do that? Also, the post as it stands sounds kind of abrupt. Would you like me to write a little more, give it a bit more context?

JimK sa...

Patterns and anti-patterns
all over.

The abstract is a guitar pick
that plucks the mind, plays
a different tune in each.

troylloyd sa...

hey Andrei --

yeah, i thought about an indroduction of sorts but i was pressed ftime & i'm still up in North Carolina at the moment w/ only 10mins remaining on my 30min session --- so i won't be able to update this until sunday : (