Thank You, Linh Dinh !

The mighty Linh Dinh has posted a bitta this blog on Harriet!
Thanx & thunx!
I'm outta town up in North Carolina onna public library p.c. at the moment, but just discovering the news i had to give thanks.

Strangely, oddly & crazily -- it was Linh's 44th post at Harriet & i've been staying in room 44 the whole time i've been up here -- i'll be home sunday for some updatings etc.

2 kommentarer:

Robin sa...

I arrived here via Harriet. Great work, yours.

troylloyd sa...

Thank you Robin, for clicking, lookreading & taking the time to leave a commment.(also, thanx for the kind words)

you have curated a great accumulation of gatherings & i enjoy looking thru
your big window

wide warmthy smiles ,