time-loss, textual : Nico Vassilakis

Text loses time yet reading gains space. Looking leaps straight to brain as entering immediate viz info. Text Loses Time - - - - - -
by Nico Vassilakis & pubb'd by Crag Hill's Many Penny Press is one hundred & eighty pages of numberless clocks : varying scales on alarm aware of wakefulness, no snooze. Chronologics in chronicle, a change explains it as temporal to sequence again & again, only is only not to unknot. Unit & units, segment & segments, piece & pieces ever to smaller specifics : then the latter larger to be seen whole, merge in mesh. How and why answered w/ the how & the why, questions of doing done " longhand into tiny notebooks i carry for months " -- a fragment:


Surely missing pieces are found. At least in compliance with dream data. A fuse, a thread recoiled. To smile again. Brought back to that, to smile again. When you say it's crazy, I say it's not crazy enough. Sound corrupts. Dims the measure of attention put aside for this very situation. Impressed with the energy involved in getting this project underway, he concluded he could not proceed without outside help. Please enter without, a systematic approach to entering without - without the area, without the arena. A flank of attack minds.


Closely Toward here
Closer still Hardly worth the effort
Writing this Now right by you
Being invisible And all

swerve to slow, thought thru, think tho :

Either there is a con
tinuation or there isn't

Up-lower & lower-up limits unmapp'd but cartographic & charting navigations of multiple meanings : meant inthru brainmaze wherever you're at, always somewhere :
place, locale, vicinity - - sounds, seating, weather. Nico gives the reader this precise notability, warp of words in weightless space all hovering drift between covers within an ever-expanding cosmology : outward & inward simultaneously, instant like light, flipswitch. Back on earth, a forest fill'd w/ creatures, vegetation, growth/loss & life : vivid environment for explore intricate aspect. The microclimates writhing beneath the bark of language, letterform by letterform from full to fragment -- this organic biotextual archeology is where Nico undusts atomic structure & examines the wormy frameworks : this book is a supercollider, smashing mass. Open first to "Porto Middled" duomirror thru those arcing limits, each panel a stoppage yet fulla motion, frozen energy, potentialities to be engaged & activated via reader : one must stare, stop & stare, stop, stare, each eye reflect'd each page. Nico is a masterful pensmith of the pause, visiosmith of the building blocks. Brick by brick from kiln-fire freshly a new architecture all w/ open windows & as solid as air is tight, crush of the vacuum carried upon winds. And the last, another "Porto" : a prose grove w/ " loose leafed sheets whizzing past your ears " & " An important unwinding slowly at first, then such a rapid pace your eyes wiggle with oxygen of the grandiose That is, sudden acceleration and its peripheral items " toward that which " is not a bookish thing, there is no pagination or foxing or dent or scuffmarks " -- a librarycard all check'd out & unfound free from the stacks, each page acting as wingspread enabling float of flight & feathers to head via root-shafts abristle inna cloudlike moisture reforming morph every second & at any minnit, thunder! Lightning strikes skulltop flash'd rapid, the surge from one point to one point, an energy charge off all grids & echoing the golden ratio in crucial mathematicity, multiplicities of multiplicities, onward!

This book is a primo tome collecting the vital works of an extraordinary polypoet who has taught this reader a new form of reading -- and his dedication, enthusiasm & vigorous energy has given the world attentive gifts of patient vision, enabling others to see.

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nico vassilakis sa...


Detached. Disassociative. I don’t know. How to explain this condition. I let my brain do the thinking. I watch it think for me. There’s an enjoyment I get seeing where it goes. From one visual idea to another it makes the associations. I follow them as an observer. I look on it as an observer of my own brain’s momentum. I’m not in charge of this activity. I’m not willfully in charge. I’m not directing the seeing. My brain looks up, acquires information, and it sees for me. It goes from one enticement; lets say a capital B, then to another peripheral small case k. It makes the connection and I am simply viewing.

When this happens I am aware of feeling detached. As a spectator I sense another consciousness at work. The brain itself is receiving stimuli and translating that information into patterns that I would normally seek. The exception here is that I’m not knowingly seeking them out. I witness my brain working. This is another consciousness.

I thought of what to compare this to and it came back to staring. When you stare at one fixed point you are incorporating surrounding information and having an experience that includes that fixed point plus everything else around it. Though you might feel locked in one position your brain is doing some amazing things. So I thought, maybe my brain thinks I’m staring and is piecing the puzzle together for me.

I am not actively looking. I am not engaged in staring either. My brain connects the dots before I even see what I am seeing. It is like a form of entertainment, I see my brain seeing and it expresses itself by my following its lead. I watch where it leads me. What I watch is mostly bits of language: half-words, part phrases, single letters, shapes within a given letter, fonts, size, etc. And these, of course, are everywhere. Anywhere the printed word is displayed.

And so I wonder, what is this moment, this moment I recognize my brain is creating associations for me. What is happening to me that I feel detached from my own brain’s activity. That I feel separated from my very machine, the one that works solely for me. When bringing it up, I think about deterioration and disease of the brain. I was startled at first by this minutia of time separation between seeing and seeing my brain see.

So barring any medical trouble, I am basically responding to my brain seeing. It is a reality that I’ve been attending to increasingly. Noticing where and when I am in authority and where I am subservient to my brain’s dominion. The subtleties of control are vague, of course, but during the act of staring hierarchy of who’s seeing what is even foggier. The who is my brain, the who is me. This brings a mental, body, and now, a third awareness, a separate me axis into play. Three aspects of info retrieval interact with the world. Separations of power separated and facing each other.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

troylloyd sa...

-- and here's a review by Nicolas Manning which is very well written, over at:
Galatea Resurrects

see also
Crag Hill's scorecard

(has info for snail mail option to buy the book if you prefer that method)

troylloyd sa...

& the furthernesses:


Martin Bland w/ Nico video


the other mother


ohgame homage

umber series

evening of sound visual digital poetries

- - - - - - - - - - - -

mike cannell sa...

cool. I love Nico's work. he's a real master of concrete poetry. Kind of makes me wish I had a copy. May have to get hold of it.

Stephen Nelson sa...

There is something of the "eternal" in this, not in terms of duration or everlasting life, more a quality of consciousness, awareness stepping outside time to experience reality from every possible angle: over thru in around in under in in in.

It's pure ceativity borne of the nature of mind beyond its temporal, linear boundaries. I see it in Nico's videos too, as if capturing mind in motion, before, inside and after language.

Eternal mind.
Et er nal. mi nd.

Can't wait to see book!

troylloyd sa...

Cheers Mike!

he's a real master of concrete poetry.

right you are, he's also a masterful textual poet, which is one reason why Text Loses Time is essential, it has a wonderful balance between the visual & the textual, a skillfil merge of looking & reading.

troylloyd sa...

Cheers Stephen!

There is something of the "eternal" in this, not in terms of duration or everlasting life, more a quality of consciousness, awareness stepping outside time to experience reality from every possible angle: over thru in around in under in in in.

well said, thanx for commmenting -- "every possible angle" & even impossible angles, yes.

even the sequentiality of the collection, escaping the page, becomes unsequential -- unified. existing outside the hierarchy of language, how it works & unworks, how it affects identity, how from the first lexeme we are always formative within the language, forming.

JimK sa...

Something that grabs even
from a glance.

troylloyd sa...

hey Jim,





troylloyd sa...

see also:

9th St. Laboratories

. . .

ArtSparker sa...

Time is
Time was
Time is past

- Friar Bacon's brass head

William Keckler sa...

My eye has a crush on your eye.

Your blog is awesome, Troy.

And it's great you bring attention to Nico's work.

Underrated master.

troylloyd sa...

hey William:

thanx for the kind words.

yes, Nico is truly a master operating multifunctionally on many different levels, i'm in awe of his body-of-work thusfar & continue to be delight'd when
i encounter the continuations of his work.

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