end w/ an embryo

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typophono sa...

feather quickquill
& punctuate the stammer
- sharp shift int

( om ss on )

( fiill iin )

ellipsis ... lacunae
gap ... gap ... gap
stutter asunder,
stethoscope up!
slash to slash
( s\ant ) (s/ant )
bredst chestly
(hear the art)
instant to instant
pulse for pulse
fused branch bundles
escape beat per/min
(torsades de pointes)
yo heave ho
any apt empty
& babbling of infants,
all plausible intercourse
thru phoneme streams
both x-ing & x-ing
lexical existence
( exlex as outlaw )
no, not that one,
this non :
clearer cutcorrect
intimate grunts
& gesture
audible overloud
commoner than not
as lived environment
& orgasm of organism
w/ fluid formulation
coding culture to cluster
in counted condition

exlibrism of ownership

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

troylloyd sa...

phono my logos!

mike cannell sa...

amazing poem object! kudos!

ArtSparker sa...

Silence? Here is the means to communicate, but bound - unheard struggles.

Anonym sa...

Maailma on muuttunut toisenlaiseksi. kehitys menee huimaa vauhtia eteenpäin, kieli jää jälkeen, tekniikka samoin. Mieleeni tuli, että itse sidomme itsemme tähän kehitykseen, joka ei pääty hyvin - mitä lopulta jää käsiimme?

Puhutteleva, monitahoinen teos. Jälleen.

troylloyd sa...


¿ silencio ?

Rhetorician Walter Ong exhibited a belief in phonocentrism. "We are so literate in ideology that we think writing comes naturally. We have to remind ourselves from time to time that writing is completely and irremediably artificial." Ong emphasizes that while almost everyone can easily communicate orally, writing well requires a great deal of skill. "The spoken word... lends itself... to virtually everyone, the written word only to the select few."

Jacques Derrida criticized phonocentrism and insisted that the written word has its own value, and is "not a supplement to the spoken word." He believed that phonocentrism was just an illustration of Western philosophy's logocentrism, the privileging of presence.
speech over writing
presence over absence
identity over difference
fullness over emptiness
meaning over meaninglessness
mastery over submission
Jacques Derrida argued in Of Grammatology that, in each such case, the first term is classically conceived as original, authentic, and superior, while the second is thought of as secondary, derivative, "given" or even "parasitic." Derrida believed that to overcome logocentric thinking, we should think of ourselves as a "rapport to the Other." That is, the "now" manifested as meaning through ourselves is always interconnected with various meanings throughout time.
hello over goodbye
lock ( ... ) key
instrument over operator

tämä on vielä toiselta koneelta kääntämisestä toiselle koneelle kuin käsissä lasku työkaluja puheen tai viestintää.

kirja sitoa kirja
sitovasti varata sitovasti

selkäydin yhdenmukaistaa

. . . . .

troylloyd sa...

leggo my logos!

Anonym sa...

stunning, as always, troy! coming down with a cold... longer comment later when feeling better. :(

troylloyd sa...

thanx Angela

i must mention bX-gh8dsa

i hope your cold doesn't last long, itsa drag when that weight of bodily illness crushes the skull.

doing all this work in hospitals, i've become extremely paranoid as of late, reading about some vicious shit called C. diff , only bleach eradicates it & many hospitals don't use bleach for cleaning rooms etc., also medical people wearing scrubs may often be carrying C. diff allover their outfit & i often eat lunch in the hospital cafeteria, also, most hospital workers rely on hand cleansing via an alcohol-based sanitizer that's usually mounted on the wall in soap-dispenser style, but the alcohol does nothing to C. diff --- so i'm paranoid, i'll be really freaked if i get a case of the runs b/c that's one of the symptoms.

i'm about to be hot 'n heavy w/ a do-or-die deadline gig in Lancaster S. Carolina, working 10hr. days & 6day weeks -- the hospital is rushed b/c the job must be done before the end of the year for budget purposes -- all i do is the hardwiring & there's 7 floors to wire all up, then this expert techno-guy sets everything up, the set-up takes some time, so it's important we get our shit wired up quickly so he can have some breathing room.

so, i'll be m.i.a. for 3-4 weeks, altho the bossman has gotten us rooms @ a joint thats gotta p.c. in the lobby -- no blogging b/c all my shit is here onna improv tip, but i'll go on commmenting sprees hopefully.

= )

get soon more well!

Anonym sa...

thx, troy & good luck with your new gig. stay away from that C-diff stuff! wash up to the elbows, surgeon-style, scrubbing for a good 5-10 mins. you probably know the hospital infection-control drill!