SPALTUNG 3 (call for work)

The Atlanta Poets Group is seeking proposals for work for the third
issue of its magazine Spaltung. This issue will be packaged in the
form of a box. We are looking for poem-objects.
Pieces that address/
embody the concept or experience
of multiplicity/heterogeneity are
*Please do not send work at this time.*
Instead please
send a *proposal* for the piece you propose to include to:

Some parameters you should consider in preparing your proposal:

--100 units of the magazine issue will be produced.

--We have not yet decided on the size of the box; in cubic inches it
will likely be larger than a breadbox and significantly smaller than
a moving crate.

--If your piece(s) require anything beyond mindless, cheap
reproduction/assembly, we will likely look to you to provide us with
100 units, fully assembled.

--We are mostly looking for work that is *beyond* what can be
accomplished on 8.5 x 11 inch paper and beyond what can be included
on a CD-ROM.

--Proposals should include exact dimensions
of the object(s) to be

--Remember that this is a POETRY magazine and so these objects must
have some sort of language content.

You can familiarize yourself with past issues of Spaltung
via the
blog at


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troylloyd sa...

i'm not a member of the APG, but you could say i'm an APGista, an enthusiast of their works & thankful to their organizational skills of bringing freaky live poetry to Atlanta --- they're always active & engaged & poeming up the hot block.

SPALTUNG #3 will be an
eyesome object for readership.

- - - - - - -

Yearlong Sonnet-- Iteration 43 sa...

His re-ghosted loamness
likes to regain the unharness
of a rocked snooze;
dogs bark @ the parked cars’ rain—
clearly we’ve again lost the blues.If
we find it, that’ll be news! like a
sun-filled pine cone landing
on a train.It may be that then we’ll have to refrain from an agony pumped up
with logic-dues.Clicking slender bursts without surface is the way to get ahead.
Moistly like us fold the phrases like me.
Not like us is the
dribbleglassed-together purpose that keeps focued on this,
our nerdness.
In space,
i heard the fedback mike fuss.

Anonym sa...

thanks for this on behalf of the APG thanks for this of the on Apg
i guess i belong GPA ot to the eht APG.
Mark Prejsnar
zacc denton
james sanders
allison rentz
jeff dahlgren
they are some damn good poets.the only one worse than eggtooth would be jeff,id say.
it's poetry,tho.
so who gives a fuck?

troylloyd sa...

fuckers give a fuck,
fuckin' flux
crunk to crunk
& fuck'd & fuck'd
up or up
or up

. .