hello? orphic voice?

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voiceless in gaga sa...

filament of one function:

resonance range
method of affix

-red fades fast
such suns done summer


scatter cave mouth
telephony both ends

prelate the leaves

(connective congruity)

more at mixen

endosmotic waywithways


eacho - eacho - eacho


misgotten misprint

(no missal needed)

morphic moist

- - - - - - - - -

mike cannell sa...

you are really good with asemic writing, you should do more.

I seem to be becoming more and more an asemic poet, though I'll never completly abandon words (at least I don't think so, anyway)

troylloyd sa...

yes, i love the asemic writing -- early on i was enthrall'd w/ Andre Masson, the CoBrA, Brion Gysin, Michaux, Lettrists etc etc

you, Mike, are truly a polypoet if there ever was one -- altho asemic writing has taken up alotta yr latest operations/production -- you are an undefinable poetic wunderkind.