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madmad mysteriosophy sa...

" piling up pieces
of paper to find
the words "
- - - - - - - - Geo. Oppen

- - - - - - - -

unsized waterleaf

soaking molds

press'd between felts

in absolumidity,

muttonthumping skins

bound for skipping school

& roughcut trimmings,

print's gasblack

or almost pure carbon

sooting pastepattern

tipp'd in w/ transparency

indexing all inlay,

open warbles to slaughter

on backbone broken spine

w/ grubby dermis-devils

fatiguing scud to faults,

mend of edge

torn thru excess,

only cuttlebone.

fiber for fiber

- - - - - - - -

Anonym sa...

always been fond of George Oppen's nailed to wood fragment writing...

Nailed Daybook, 1963 - 1964. 105 leaves nailed to a 14 x 9.6 cm. irregular rectangular piece of pine board; the leaves consist almost entirely of white typing paper (without letterhead) and foolscap. A few sheets of lined theme book paper and onion-skin paper are included also. Ca. 1963-1964 (according to GO's references to being 55 years old and to the assasination of John Kennedy).


troylloyd sa...

hey Nico

wow! thanx for the info, i've never heard/read about the Nailed Daybook -- that's such a brilliant concept typing-paper leaves back to its roots! BTW, ironically, the vizpiece i posted here was staple-gunned to a tree inna friends backyard, it was there about 2 months & finally came off to ground, nibbled by squirrels who were perhaps angry i had placed this obstruction upon their treehome.

i have read about Oppen's editing habit of pasting strip upon strip in his work, so alotta of his working papers ended up having a tremendous topography, gluing cut-out edit-words piling & piling.

thanx for commmenting.

troylow sa...

here's what it looked like freshly after birth:

Guide to Garbagecans

- - -

mike cannell sa...

top pic reminds me of Claes Oldenberg

troylloyd sa...

i like soft typewriters & giant round erasers!