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hobo tramply sa...

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troylloyd sa...

a few search-terms that've led to this blog:



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"author assisted" machine translation

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"dig ya later, judge"


"down with your art" mayakovsky

"erica t carter" or "erika t carter"

"form from form from form"

"gutenberg parenthesis"

"il faut qu'une porte soit ouverte ou fermee" translation

"swerve steering"

"technologies are seen as neutral tools in the hands of strong managers"

"the heartlessness of words"

"the polyphony of polyphonies"

"torched laughter"

"typing correction film"

'blabby mouthed, long haired, yankie hippie'

'lobstee' meaning

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contrapunctal reading


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"euphemistical term for physically challenged"

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free translation from english in cezch

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glamure cigarettes

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using poetry to save the world

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wet string



dictionary definition of rootloose

... i think the winner must be:

"significado de this dust wards off asshole"

. . .

mike cannell sa...

words ov as hole

troylloyd sa...

"dig ya later, judge"

that was a good one too, i gotta thing for Beatsploitation stuff.

= )

troylloyd sa...

oh yeah,

Är du pank?

is Swedish,
it means

Are you broke (cleaned out)?

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