jammy git, rubbery readblur

images by Mike Cannell,
from a mailart pkg sent a while back,
yes, he even drew a portrait of me.
thanx Mike!


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troylloyd sa...

more Mike C. @


vispoets gallery



- - -

mike cannell sa...

ta mate.

Stephen Nelson sa...

Love the third piece especially. Mike is a multi-talent.

jeff sa...

yesh i saw that portrait and thought,damn dude,thats a good self portrait. very expressive,very good. and was diggin on the images below as well, the one with an implied landscape and two blck towers is cool,but thats me always lookin to attach something solid or real in imagery to sumthin
but ah! its by mike c. good stuff.
yr butterfly friends stuff is good as heck,too.

troylloyd sa...

mike : ta to yoo for the mailbox stuffings! cheers

stephen : yes, mike is a pure natural talent.

jeff : so solid it's real, really. yeah i dig that portrait, got that Egon Schiele feel to it.

Mike's got lines & lines & lines, it amazes me how productive he is & the fact he's quite young, the evolution of his work will be a pleasure to watch.