uneksiakuva perhonenkirjan

images by Satu Kaikkonen

Satu Kaikkonen is a poet from Finland,
her latest works have been
blowing my brains out with pure beauty.
go have a looksee!


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troylloyd sa...

more Satu :

Satu @ nokturno

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sanasuunta näkyväkielinen




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mike cannell sa...

reminds me of Andrew Topel,but less xerographic.

troylloyd sa...

it's also cool how she will sometimes segment her pwoermds,


, pleasure/joy/delight and poems

it is a fun exercise trying to "translate" Finnish pwoermds, finding the root words, but at times it can be difficult, due to the simple complexity of pwoermtry -- however, much can be learned from such exercises.

here's an attempt atta Finnish pwoermd couplet:



Anonym sa...


well what can i say...

sanat/on at this moment...

my poetry is based on intuitions and the poets come out in very short moments; few minutes.

I have had now very inspiring moments with Abu Nuwas. I like his poetry very much.

And I enjoy to do finnish pwoermds because it's always "kutkuttavaa" to find word inside word.

I'm so so glad about Your supporting words. Than you! =)

edelleen melko sanaton

T: satu

Anonym sa...

k is missing = thank you!

troylloyd sa...

hei hei Satu

yes, your bookwork process
is transformative, so the
butterflies they are.

keep up the good work Satu,
i enjoy seeing how your work
develops & grows.

wide smiles to you!