fetish of somantic writing

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skrewy squirrel sa...

signal got 'em
smoke hole

( newsflash )

flush stuff stiffer
pisser muffbuzz

um, stomach the gut
& shovel such shits

" you will
soon become
very good at this "

decay fade as everything
else is stasis


always alarmclock
station'd abacus FM

( freakmeter )

radiator mincemeat
smoggout steam bleed

or as option:
alphabetter ohm mega

end extreme overflown

or as caption:
" quackwabbit acme gravity
screwball'd to that's all "

curtains fall finish
& credits crash last




mike cannell sa...

smok signe

take a peek
at my comicstrip

troylloyd sa...

i like Anton.

a skillful skull.

an unsettling sequence.

i like how it's tagg'd

keep 'em comin'.

did you ever see David Lynch's comicstrip, the worlds angriest dog? those are good too.

mike cannell sa...

the angriest dog is certainly an influence, as is the the genre of constrained comics. take a look at the comic red meat. very good

troylloyd sa...


also worth checking is
worldwar 3 illus.

& the work of Peter Kuper, his stencil'd political work is eyesum.