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finismundo sa...

final byebye pome for Geo W Shhhh

what is wrong
what is right
can upside down
ever be topside up?

boatpeople vs. pirates
- badguys busy stealing
daughters, taking food,
valuables, leaving family
for death,
can't shoot back
'cause Carter, thankfully
Reagan rode cowboy

.....miss acomp.....
( patriotic pageant )
& no girlie man
for we have nothing
but fear itself
& this milk bleeds
red / white / blue

how to defeat
the terror yourself
& blast heathen
bomb'd to belief,
hellyeah ammogod
w/ starlit streamings

u.s.a. #1 fuckshitupper
& many other
"great disappointments"
make baseball interesting,
strikeout or K.O.
sendin' batboys
for black 'n blue
feed patriotism
w/ plentiful coffin

suck it suckers!
sayso sound fundamental
bankbig & buy warbond
bailout best for billions
(drillit babies drillit)
tappin' dat hero hole
- think w/ yr dick
( cheney )
flya flag unfashionable
'cause we ain't no
sissyass'd faggots
'n we got walmart aplenty
for katrina wave trailers
plumbin' sixpacks all idol'd

( sunshine )

what is right
what is wrong
can topside up
ever be upside down?


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mike cannell sa...

gum gun

troylloyd sa...

guumi ghun



Anonym sa...

There's so different kind of hungry in this world... that I live myself to think when I watched these pictures.

That glasscan full of stuff: this world is drowning and swamping in different kind of rubbish, there's a lot of sickness like greedy.. and sicknesess like "anorektia" in which this world is driving us....etc.

all that kind of was I thinking in this morning about these pictures...

troylloyd sa...

yes, i know what you're saying Satu.

often, gum comes wrapp'd in flashy package, but provides no real nourishment.

the glasscan, it is full of bones of a dog, i found them while walking my dog down the railroad trax, the bones had been there a long while, i stuffed them all in my jacket pockets -- something about a train hitting a dog, the remainder of its skeleton against the crashings of technology.

the little snake skeleton i found on the ground, such clear of ouroboros, are we there yet? the cycles.

moth, spider, cigarette butt, 45 big-hole adapter, bird feather, cork -- my reminder to breathe freely while breath is still left, trappings of the mortal coil.