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capture / release sa...

" I am that slip of the pen
in the demiurge's scrawl that
refuses to be corrected "

- Michael Brodsky

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

tongues tree
root from lung
br after br
anch (inch) anch
seek seed
wider ring
circumzenithal arcs
k e r n
some raging range
deboned grove
etched threshold
" bud multiple new eye "
myriad hardknot
a packed density
entangle vein
sightly soiled
air thru aurorae
oval pole magnetic
terrella to nest
either ether or aerie
amplitude & phase
extrema & extrema

( The Waves of Translation )
( The Waves of Translation )

soft shoots
sheath chew
swallowup wholly
dash to dash

- - - -

Anonym sa...

Sinä osaat tehdä sen töilläsi:

herättää ajatuksia,

valo ja varjo

joku mihin pudota,
joku mihin kiivetä

kaunista, salaperäistä, kiehtovaa...

troylloyd sa...

kiitos Satu!

= )


kuva pistekirjoituksena
ja valo ja varjo
ja varjo ja valo

mike cannell sa...

brail b'rail b'rain rain bullet gullet

gary barwin sa...

Such very lovely new pieces, shadows as ink.

troylloyd sa...

slate & stylus
tactile write
touch to tips
outside ink
shade of lang
cell'd to binary bit
raise paper
topp'd w/ dots


"...New York Point is much harder for me to read than American braille. It wears my reading finger more to travel over letters three dots wide and two high as they are in New York Point than over letters two dots wide and three high as they are in American braille. Also, it is a most trying task to decipher many letters which I get in New York Point. The writers evidently have trouble either with the system or the machine. Of the letters I receive in the two systems, a far larger proportion are well written in American braille.

I note, too, that in the great world of the blind New York Point is a provincialism. The machines for it are made only in New York, and write only New York Point. On the other hand, machines for braille are made in Germany, France, England and America. I have owned American and German braillewriters which place me in communication with people all over the world.

I am sure that in all important respects American braille is superior to New York Point because it meets completely the needs of capitalization, punctuation, legibility and physical ease of reading.

With high regards, I am
Respectfully yours,
Helen Keller

ArtSparker sa...

Lunar and bridal.

troylloyd sa...


moon alphabet

moon literacy