remix suomi

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eterisk ögonglob sa...



kääntäjä : translator; to turn

sana : word

huokoinen : porous

raja : a boundary; border; limit

iho : skin

tunto : touch; sensation
-kielinen : derived from the noun kieli (“‘tongue, language’”) by adding adjectival suffix -inen

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Anonym sa...


well you have learn finnish very well, and skin is like that 'huokoinen'

i liked that word 'ihosana'


troylloyd sa...

suomi is a very difficult language, i must finally get that good grammar book & actually try to put things together, i can only play around & since i don't know much of the language, when i do something with it i'm a finnish minimalist!

= )

i have got your "ruudukko" poster & it's beautiful! i especially like how you used the black space as one still sees the weave outside.

for anyone reading this who may be interested, have a look at the Paper Kite Press Vispoetry Poster Series , it's a great concept & it's cool to have a rather large format piece of paper w/ a visual poem.