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linnunlaulu sa...


intl. dict./suursanakirja


pg.411: extragalactic/linnunradan ulkopuolinen

pg.710: mark/merkitä

pg.59: assuage/lievittää

pg.948: profanity/rienaaminen

pg.210: codex/koodeksi

pg.1423: uprush/esiintuluiminen

pg.1285: surreal/epätodellinen

pg.669: liberty/vapaus

pg.85: bats/hullu

pg.1411: unlax/rentoutua

pg.1518: yawp/rääkäistä

pg.1058: roly-poly/pullea

pg.547: helter-skelter/ylösalaisin

pg.846: paperpulp/paperimassa

pg.33: amigo/ystävä

pg.718: mayhem/silpominen

pg.997: rax/ojentaa

pg.1482: whipstitch/luotella

pg.1524: zone time/vyöhykeaika

pg.1328: thing-in-itself/olio sinänsä

pg.518: grogshop/viinakauppa

pg.950: prolix/monisanainen

pg.60: ataraxy/ataraksia

pg.141: bullshit/pöty

pg.279: cutup/huomionherättäjä

pg.675: limnetic/limninen

pg.1004: receptive/vastaanottavainen

pg.1220: splicing/liitos

pg.634: kamikaze/itsemurhahyökkäys

pg.679: lithology/kivilajitiede

pg.3: abiogenesis/alkusynty

pg.284: darkling/pimeässä

pg.1253: stonebroke/pennitön

pg.1052: riprap/kiviheitoke

pg.742: mod cons/nykyajan mukavuudet

pg.962: pukka/loistava

pg.1412: unnamed/nimetön

pg.688: loop-hole/ampuma-aukko

pg.9: acerbate/suututtaa

pg.785: nosh-up/tuhti ateria

pg.1098: scatterbrain/hömppä

pg.1269: subculture/alakulttuuri

pg.411: extramundane/maailmankaikkeuden

pg.1525: zymurgy/käymisilmiöitä tutkiva kemia

be drunk !

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Stephen Nelson sa...

These are so gorgeous. magical. esoteric. monk-lit.

mike cannell sa...


Anonym sa...

i like that how light come throught the paper and a word mingled to a word


ihanaisen näköistä

pg.1423: uprush/esiintuluiminen
==> esiintuleminen


so much words, world is full of everything so interesting....

Anonym sa...

I'm learning
I enjoy tasting and remembering

Anonym sa...

I'm learning
I enjoy tasting and remembering

muista jupotella
muita olla kännissä

Anonym sa...

muita = muista

troylloyd sa...

thanks & kiitos

i love this dictionary, it's so comprehensive, but it's only "one way" & the only other suomi sanakirja i have is a tiny taskusanasto but i now have a grammar book so maybe my kirjoittaa kasvattaa parempi!

olen sanonut "ehkä" !
= )

Anonym sa...

lovely orange gold background

Mariana Soffer sa...

Those sheets of papers seems to have lots of wisdom written in them,
although I can not understand what they say I can feel them, like when you feel the tone of the voice of a foreign person talk.
I like a lot ancient writtings, I do not know why, they have the same chance of having wisdom in them than a modern written one.
From which country and year does it come? What is the language besides english it has words written at? Did you tricked the pictures in order for them to loook like that? Or it was just the light and movement of the camera?
Take care photographer friend, which has good photographs.

troylloyd sa...

hello Mariana,

the book is a Finnish dictionary from 1990, it is a large book, but only a "one way" dictionary, meaning it only goes from English to Finnish, which is good, because it is comprehensive, but makes things difficult to cross check for proper usage, i only have one other Finnish dictionary and it is a small pocket version -- as you probably know, language and translation can be difficult due to the variations and subtleties involved.

i am trying to learn a little bit of the Finnish language, it is quite an amazing tongue.

yes, from starting this blog i have gotten better at photography, i now really understand about the relationship of light and photography; also the importance of lenses.

so, yes, it is just a page lit by a lightbulb, but the thin-ness of the pages, as with most dictionaries, helped to get triple layers and such...

Mariana Soffer sa...

thank you very much for answering all of the question I had, I was really curious about some of that stuff, cause I really liked the art ,
I was for example in doubt if it was a dictionaiious of a thresaurus, aldough I knew it was from one tone to the other,
I was married to a photographer, that is why I know a little about that, specially about non digital one, which is my favourite kind.


Anonym sa...
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troylloyd sa...

= )