late than never better

delayed update:

aslongasittakes #3
has been out &
it's another solid
gathering of soundpo
your audiographic earholes

cheers to the
Atlanta Poets Group
for hosting this
vital documentation
of contemporary
sound poetries

the first issue of this new e-zine is
going strong right out of the gate
& it's got page after page of
the goodstuff.

compiled & edited by
the ever energetic
Mike Cannell

6 kommentarer:

troylloyd sa...

! ! ! !

mike cannell sa...


thanks mate.

Anonym sa...

That raastinrauta


helkkarin mahtava!

I like it very much.
Something like that i would want very much to do if i never ever get some time...and skills

troylloyd sa...

hey Mike,sorry i'm so late!

hei Satu, no skills needed, i just stuck typewriter keys in grater holes -- i have always liked those things for some reason, now i know in suomi it's called raastinrauta
& that word totally fits!

Anonym sa...

i don't doubt that i can't put typewriter keys in grater holes but

that idea.... that i ment with skills....




ArtSparker sa...

What a wonderful piece - reminds me of Yeats' complaining about "The fascination of what's difficult".