short shelf vs. infinite shelf

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Varieties of Plagiary and
Pathological Commonalities
Across Categories of Plagiary

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[1:5 121.22]

about as
a wetterhand
ampersands under which we can
glypse at and feel for ourselves
across all those rushyears
the warm soft short pants
of the quickscribbler:
the vocative lapse
from which it begins
and the
accusative hole in which
it ends itself;
the aphasia of that heroic agony
of recalling a once loved number
leading slip by slipper to a
general amnesia of
misnomering one's own:
next those ars, rrrr!
those ars all bellical,
the highpriest's hieroglyph
of kettletom and
wrasted redhandedly from
our hallowed rubric prayer
for truce with booty,
O'Remus pro Romulo,
and rudely from the
fane's pinnacle tossed down
by porter to within an aim's ace of
their quatrain of rubyjets among
Those Who arse without the
Temple nor since Roe's Distillery
burn'd have quaff'd Night's
firefill'd Cup But jig jog jug as
Day the Dicebox Throws, whang,
ampersands &
about as
a wetterhand
under pressure
of the writer's hand
again and begin again
to make soundsense
and sensesound kin
These paper wounds,
four in type,
were gradually and correctly
understood to mean stop, please
stop, do please
and O do please
respectively, and
following up
their one true clue,
the circumflexuous wall
of a
singleminded men's asylum,
accentuated by bi tso fb rok engl
a ssan dspl itch ina,
-- Yard inquiries pointed out þ that they
ad bin "provoked" ay þ fork,
of … grave BrofŠsor; …th ‚'s BrŠak
-- fast -- table; ; ac—tely
profŠssionally piqu‚d, to = introd—ce a
notion of time
[—pon … plane (?) s— ' ' f…‡'e']
by p—nct! ingh oles
(sic) in Ispace?!
(sic) in Ispace?!
(sic) in Ispace?!
(sic) in Ispace?!
(sic) in Ispace?!
(sic) in Ispace?!
(sic) in Ispace?!
(sic) in Ispace?!
(sic) in Ispace?!


WARNING! computer-mediated communication (CMC)

As Pack My Bag makes clear, suspicious generalized social mimeticism,role-playing, contagious imitation and ritualized behavior.

"Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over again."
André Gide (1869-1951)

An obscure word for the fear of being misunderstood is "ambiguphobia."

A reader replies: Sprachvergnugen means "joy in speaking".
Another reader adds:
Sprachverderber - a corrupter of language.
Sprachverein - a linguistic society.
Sprachneuerer - a language reformer
Sprachregelung - prescribed phraseology
Sprachschnitzer - a grammatical blunder
Sprachshöpferisch - creative in the use of language

# "PAINTING, n: The art of protecting flat surfaces from the weather and exposing them to the critic."
Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914), American writer. The Cynic's Word Book, also known as The Devil's Dictionary, 1906.

(Mechanisms of orthostatic intolerance following very prolonged exercise.)

Bakbyttaris … slayis with ane wowrd—Him self, the heirar, and the man saiklace; Henr. Hasty Credence 51.
The carll was wantoun of word, and wox wonder wraith; Rauf C. 100.
That word is for nocht, That thow carpis thair; Rauf C. 491.
Wallace was blyth fra he had hard thair wourd; Wall. vi 538.
Full courtasly inclynit he thare Bot a word les na maire He spak; Seven S. 190.
He is exild Fra speche that na word speke may he; Seven S. 215.
I sall say furth the south, dissymyland no word; Dunb. Tua Mar. W. 157.
Woord; Dunb. (OUP) 102/6.
Edwerd … reiecting him [sc. Bruce] with ane lichtlie worde; Boece 545b.
The first word that scho spak, Scho said, ewill mot ʒe fair; Dum Wyf 59.
Thy Grace shall have experience gif I go aganis ane worde that I haif hecht;

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Anonym sa...

colors are important to me
and the light and shadows

and that's why i like your works...

troylloyd sa...

yes, you use color very well in your work,

it's only since i started this blog have i been playing with photography & light, i used to only do things in black & white...

mike cannell sa...

i occationally work with colour,but the crisp black and whites are very important to my poetry.

troylloyd sa...

yeah, something about b&w i've always liked, it seems more immediate, also it's easier to cheaply reproduce, but i do think also it goes back to how human vision forms, i think we see only in b&w right after birth, color vision only comes in 2 or 3 months, i think i'm not sure tho, but the whole xerographic aspect also plays a big role for me...