pretty reliable supply of fresh hell

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tragicomic comatose sa...

lb. for lb. pookah
Púca Phouka
Pwwka Puck

my joystix are all a'twitter
eating updates automatic
for luckyshard pixelbits
& asspants so arfy argh

my ego id'd sideways apeshit
& shark-raped facial psychic hiccup
as if on invitation
all my friends unfollowed
& yesterdudes run runeword
for can't nobody read rolling stoned
such crunk'd fluffy stuff chugging txtmssg
up inna smokes hwy crash'd

awesome scams on instant rebate
give clip to coupons crass'd pox on tampax
bloody trails of a mouthless shaved cave
& my pamprin® ain't 16 candles enough
to automobile drunken tree mollies
such monkey 'cause nuance made pay-off

all on offline paper inna naïve font
fulla book but bashing paid by paragraph
in rubrics cubed thru cultural extrusion,
but fuck it, i need to think up a good refrain
humming hmmm & cumming up throat-hole
goes for broken like baddest babble
haiku shitstorm

wazzup with this blinking cursor
or ever after as always this ain't no refrain refrain
and no normative or destabilizing force workin' weekend
tho provosts cite Zuk sucklings
slurpee headfreeze
: if the excitement is excrement
flash that scat worldwide
for keyhole google hits
results 1 - 1 of 1 for "flash that scat". (0.69 seconds)
lasso logos website poverty
into custom peaches
buliding pits deeper 'n deeper
to depths never squelched

blogosphere paddywhack
which wipes mighty high
any lower scavenge chucking grub most muddy
& I ask you, the Reader, to rewrite my shreddymade
for fangs ain't functional 'nless blood sucked freshest
with redbull twitch-fever fulla point-to-point perceptions
ghosting aghast chicken bones thrown in weird scramble

oh shit, I missed my gateway & reffed no aiming refrain
damn device lacking tactic can't engage any particular practice

oh shit, when ending one must deliver dilemma doorway
'cause crisis make a tension & epiphany ain't cheap

oh shit, where's the
webby lingo like insert the omfg
ohmfogging fuckheaded easy to detect my defects

and oh shit !
well versed with enough examples,
I should have been able to come up
with a final line better than this.

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ag sa...


troylloyd sa...

yo ag !!

i saw this Lynch docu the other day & it showed that killer sparking arc box contraption thing & the effect it made on film is mad bananas, it reminded me of you.

mike cannell sa...


ArtSparker sa...

Reminds me of Harvey Pekar's line "Now there's a reliable disappointment".

Also Pekar is ALMOST an anagram for Parker...

troylloyd sa...

yeah, i liked that American Splendour movie...

...a similar quote from Charles Crumb:

"How perfectly goddamned delightful it all is, to be sure."

..."pretty reliable supply of fresh hell" is actually a Christopher Buckley quote, son of William F., i saw an interview with him on C-span Book TV & when he said that i had to write it down in my little notebook...