WREK'd late-nite skullhummingz

tribute post in honor of WREK 91.1 Atlanta

i began listening to WREK in 1985 or 1986,
at first i would only tune to the hardcore punk show
It Came Without a Warning, but then i actually
started listening all the time, especially overnight
& the long-running Destroy All Music show.

i credit this radio station with providing
a large chunk of my serious education:
they opened my third ear
& altered my perceptions of music,
to be all inclusive & ever expansive.

big ups to the rambling wreck !

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troylloyd sa...

In December 2002, WREK broadcast the entire 50-disc Merzbox by the Japanese experimental music artist Merzbow. An article in Creative Loafing described the Merzbow Marathon as "what may be the most obscure and counterintuitive move in the history of radio."

Your 'typical' Southern-raised pill-popping homosexual/drag queen, Benjamin has paid his performing dues in this town by way of such 1980's noise and punk outfits as Medicine Suite and Freedom Puff. Years ago, Benjamin told Lowlife Magazine that the experimental, exhibitionistic Medicine Suite was his way of saying "Hey Atlanta industrial bullshit scene, let's see how cool you really are! Let's see how much culture and art you can take, let's see how much dick and sex and piss you can take."

"Destroy All Music," the noise/experimental/industrial/electronic radio program created by underground music fixture and LowLife magazine publisher Glen Thrasher and associate Ellen McGrail, began airing on WREK in 1984. Thrasher, who later spearheaded a festival of the same name, is quick to point out that "many of the groups who played the festivals were barely plugged in," their adventurous spirit, embodied by acts like Tinnitus, served as a big bang of sorts that gave electronic music a public platform.


. . . .

Anonym sa...


i liked very much that Ned Rothenberg's Sax solo, that was marvellous; voisin kuunnella tuollaista tuntikaupalla....

the DNA was too noisy to my sensitive ears =) now-a-days thought i liked that part where there was the singing

when i was younger i listen to punkmusic such as Fucking Finnland, Korroosio, Appendix, terveet kädet,

but now i listen to all kind of music... my favorite in this
moment here in Finland are CMX and
i like a lot of Anouar Brahem's music...

i don't listen to radio so much, i listen to it only when i'm in my volvo....=)

troylloyd sa...

"voisin kuunnella tuollaista tuntikaupalla...."
me too, and often i do that with music, i will play a cd on repeat all night long, sometimes just one long track over & over, like Spacemen 3 "dreamweapon" or some John Coltrane.

all this music here in the veideo, i first heard on the radio -- the best thing for me was finally finding out who sang "the fang", long ago i used to tape songs from the radio that i liked & i had taped that song, but missed the start, i was very familiar with it from listening to my tapes but i never knew who it was, a few years ago i worked as a magazine delivery person & had to wake up early like 4:00 a.m. to go to work & one day WREK played the song again, but still didn't say who it was! this was a few years ago, so now the radiostation has a website complete with their playlist, i got home & looked at the playlist & finally discovered Nervous Norvus!

i was lucky to find a Terveet Kädet album at the record-shop when i was young, it might have been the Halloween lp, i'm not sure, but they totally blew my brains out! so fast & blistering & the singer was good crazy! i'm still a big fan of their early stuff, i sure wish i still had that record, people go nuts over their wax:
this record sold for nearly one thousand dollars!!!

hardcore punk turned out to be a good primer for me, being in interaction with other languages, there were bands from everywhere singing in their own languages but it was accepted & embraced worldwide no matter which language one spoke...the MRR comp Welcome to 1984 is a great example of this

Anonym sa...

ou my god,

you know "terveet kädet"
pretty cool!!!!

i haven't got their lp - but i listened them from the radio and cassette player... thought i don't have any more that cassette...

but that was so cool that you know them...

troylloyd sa...

= )

oh yeah!
i was punk as fuck with a blue mohawk tripping on acid behind the Metroplex at the railroad tracks.

i used to always get Maximun Rock & Roll magazine and they had scene reports from all over the world & writings about all the different hardcore bands from around the world.

back then, you could buy a record for $5 or $6 & Wax 'n Facts record-shop always carried the good stuff.

i only wish i would have kept all my hardcore records, at the time i was young & dumb and didn't realize alot of the records were DIY self-pressed in very limited numbers, anyway, i played those records to the bone onna shitty turntable with a dull needle, those records saved my life!

more videos:

damn! CMX is jammin'

this is the Terveet Kädet i remember, with that crazycool singing!

maybe the White Stripes know Terveet Kädet too!




Tampere SS

Kohu 63


Anonym sa...

i have now been here with my computer quite a moment listening to punkmusic
- thought i said that i try to avoid this machine - but that your list with terveet kädet, rattus, Tampere SS, Kaaos, Appendix etc. brings so much memories to me about those days i was s-o young and put soap to my hair - it helped my hair "to stand up" - ou my....

in this moment i'm pure happy!

i remember that i wrote punkpoems and i had "very lovely" poison green coat - it was my mother old coat, but i loved it because it was so terrible - and i had 2.50m long "kaulaliina" which i had myself made - and me and my friends went to Tampere to participate happenings of peace movement....

i don't have anymore those cassets with those bands myself but i'm glad that tehre's so much stuff in internet...

(but i have nearly all cds from cmx
only couple are missing but i will get them somehow)


troylloyd sa...

= )

i used to put toothpaste in my hair, it had a great texture -- much better than egg whites or gelatin or super extrahold aqua-net!!

in 1985 there was a national No Business As Usual Day, protests against nuclear arms, mostly organized by the Revolutionary Communist Workers Party & here in Atlanta we protested at Georgia Tech because they were doing research for Ronald Reagan's star-wars program -- we had a "die in" on Peachtree ( a main street) & then the police started arresting people, they somehow knew who to look for because Radical Rick was the first one arrested.

it was kind of a good time in the 80's, how these various clusters of scenes started up, each region with a distinct sound...

...here are some of the more quirky American HC bands i got into:

Big Boys

Bad Brains

Stukas Over Bedrock



Septic Death

eggtooth sa...

"punk poems"....hmmm
im gonna start writing punk poems.

eggtooth sa...

pardon..it was "punkpoem"

can i try one?...emberse meeself right here right now?
heres a punkpoem by me...i was more into depeche mode/cure,tho. as will probably show:

fuck depeche mode sweetpaste shit a shitzer zine crusy metalteen boot.for ripped face and dad's neuewalletits
cracked hiss a rattle of a can or a grinding truck.orgazm gleaming silver balls.i'll kick yrs and trip
im gonna fuckfuckfuck,and drink fuck.
ragged night hot the light,sweat smokes for fuck you.metal crossed blackout eyes for sexy dumplining to fuck. orange embered glass so drunk.to burn as fuck
you i crunch and brotherly hug so fuck.
dig the gristle fisted lipstick smeared in crusty tattoo blood dont sleep for fuck.

im not gonna apologize for this shit,and that's punk as fuck.

troylloyd sa...

hey man, that's pretty good, i actually like it.

maybe someone like Billy Childish could be called a "punk poet"?

hear i stand

hear i stand
one mother-sweet
one father-fucked
one brother-sucsessfull
with an education
as clean and as long
as his arm

hear i stand
worts on my cock
'the doctor burned the
ones off my arse'
100 paintings
a couple of hundred
2 dead teeth
gonnarhea n hurpis
i think ive got
excellent qwalifactions

-Billy Childish

troylloyd sa...

...& while diggin' up those HxC vids, i got lost in utube-land, so here's a bonus round witha few diff kuntries...

troylloyd sa...

United Kingdom:


Legion of Parasites

Flux of Pink Indians






troylloyd sa...





Demon System 13


Crude SS

Mob 47

.. . . ... . . ..

troylloyd sa...



Lip Cream






.. . . .. . .

troylloyd sa...


Raw Power





Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers

. . .. .. .

utubby sa...

My other post was a response to one guy's post about The Cure and Depeche Mode being "real Emo", fyi

omg thank you for making this video!!! my friend is trying to be emo and me and all her friends are so annoyed by that! i caught her in class trying to cut herself with a pencil! omg, it's so retarded. then she gets mad whenever i mock her and pretend to be emo for example, i'll take my hair (because it's really dark, i didnt dye it or anything) and put it over my face then take a red pen and right on my wrist just to mock her and she's all "that's not funny" whatever

I was waiting with baited breath to see which "real emo" band you would list first, knowing full well it would be CTTS. Cool, you're heard a few modern post-hardcore / hardcore bands and you think you are a full bottle. Now why don't YOU go and do some research and listen to some REALLL emo bands like Closure, Knotwork, Rare Snail Habitat..., The Candyland Carcrash and Milkwede, you pompous maladroit embarassment.

Right. You fucking bollock talker. If you saw someone wearing skinny jeans, tight t-shirts whatever, you automatically think ''emo''. Dont try and define the meaning of the word, because no-one gives a shit, and you will never get this point across. Emo does NOT stand for ''emotional harcore'', where the fuck did you get hardcore from? It just means emotional.

Kill the Switch by Circle Takes the Square

Alesana is also emo just saying, and no matter how many times i try to explain this exact thing to ppl they don't fucking listen lol. i tell them to call it "dark scene" instead lol. i luv ur vid 5/5

Alesana is Post-Hardcore. Not Emo or Screamo and defiently not that dark crap you just made up.

utubby sa...

wat the hell???? since when does emo mean "emotional hardcore"???if thats wat it stood for then wouldnt it be sumthin like emo hardcore?? no its just emo... meaning just emotional.... and i dont believe that being emo has anything to do with being hardcore, gothic, dressing in all black, or any of that crap... basically ppl that are emo are the least likely to tell u b/c they are too freakin emotional....were did u learn this bs?

ahm hä?
jede musikrichtung hat ihr eingenen style__punks sehn ya au anders aus wie hopper.
also kann sein das ich nich ganz blick worums hier geht___mein englisch isch ned sonderlich gut. aber s geht doch darum das ma (anscheinend) nich emo sei kann?
ich mein punks sind punks weil se punk hörn,
hopper sind hopper weil se hip hop hörn, oder?
und wenn ma emocore hört was isch ma dann wenn kein emo?

@the people talking about screamo:
the term 'screamo' originated in the time when emo became weaker, and recently became chaotic again, so people called it screamo. (the 'weaker' emo also caused all the confusion in the term emo)
Screamo is a subgenre of emo. All screamo is essentially "emo," but all emo music isn't necessarily screamo.

Recap. You canpt be emo, I´m emo, not you
I hate you, i want to be unique.

I was wondering all the time what EMO means and nobody was able to tell me exactly what it means, so far.

utubby sa...

So EMO`s are not the small depressed, looking children I see everyday...
Very Interesting

Ok im gonna re-educate you mate, emo stands for emotional not emotional hardcore thats a subgenre of emo. People that are referred to as 'emo' are 'scene kids', but the fact is they're the same thing. Thirdly i'm going to assume that your called an emo because u listen to the music u referred to in the vid, so the reason your makin this vid is to manipulate what an emo is for your own benefit..the fact is you CAN be an emo. There is an emo fashion, music and persona get it through ur thick head.

Actually, Dumbasshole! Emo is short for emotive Hardcore.Like everything, it always gets a stereotype. That's what happens in Grand ole America!

emotional hardcore ---> emocore ---> emo
is that so complex?
or are you stupid?

utubby sa...

Circle Takes the Square?

i know a better way to call them:
faggots =3

God some people are stupid...get a clue u retards...why don't u research what an emo is before u start typing bullshit...the person who made this vid DOES NOT know what emo is ok end of story, he is describing a sub culture of emo and portrayed them incorrectly as well
all in all this guy is wrong k

Whats even funnier is everyone gets their information from wikipedia (like this tool) and then thinks their some kind of genius on the topic...
Get your head outta ur ass u stupid bastard and do some proper research...like i said before 'emo' has been around for centuries k

How about you learn what emo is and STFU! He is talking moastly about screamo in this, but that is still emo. Screamo has been around since the 90's and emo has been around since the 80's. I wouldn't call that centuries. Rites of Spring and Fugazi are from the 80's and they started emo on accident and hate the term.

why people in yt hate wikipedia so much?

Just so you people realize it can't mean emotional because all music has emotion therefore all music is emo by what you are saying.

tottaly agree with your video. but there are some subgenres of emo. this is called ''emo violence''. there are some emo bands like this too:the mozart season,sky eats airplane,this is the hospital,akissforjersey,house vs hurricane,a chinese restaurant,the midnight life,arlington sleeps. the difference is between the sound production.
dude you have amazing taste in music...

utubby sa...

i love
Dear Diary I Seem To Be Dead
We fly are kites at night

'Cut my wrist' isn't a litteral lyric, its a metaphor.

How is it a metaphor dickhead? i dont think u know what a metaphor is

Jesus Christ, get a hold of yourself man.
No need to get all defensive.
I don't need to explain anything to you, buts not in a literal sense.
If you were so fucking smart like you assume you are, you would know what it actually means

Dude, who the hell are you to tell someone if they are emo or not? actually, i think emo means EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE, durr and tbh if someone thinks something is EMO it's their own damned opinion, heard of that? yeah, it's called FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. so people can think they're emo if they wanna think it.

utubby sa...

*clears throst* "Ahem, 99.9% of ppl take the term 'emo' to mean emotionally unstable person, a lifestyle, an attitude if you will, dressing in that particular way too. So regardless of what its 'technical' meaning is, it will be used differently. And hey, its not a big deal, who the fuck cares... Thats what is means now. People need their stereotypes mate, your meanong is too broad. Lets put everyone who has a long fringe and a black tshirt into one box, and call them emo. Period. shit

would the band "eyes set to kill" fall into the emotional hardcore genre?
This video fails to acknowledge that subcultures are difficult to define, and that those definitions are not finite. Yes, Emo is a type of music; however, it is also a term which is used to describe a wider body of misguided, sad, juvenile misanthropes. :P

GO KILL YOURSELF instead of writing poetry about it! GET A LIFE OR GET A DEATH!!! PREFERABLY THE LATTER!

emo got alot meaningz 8D so um ya

nope... your rong, emo kids are fuckin losers, everything they do, listen to, all emo, trust me, i make fun of and beat up all you stupid little pussy emo kids at school

shit, I was lookin for I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism in Your Yearbook and I found that... bullshit!

much respect for emotional hardcore, but the "new wave" emo kids need to jump of a FUCKING cliff already.

utubby sa...

u missed out tristan tzara and that is a sin! haha joking!

The first "emo" scene was in DC, but it died out quickly. It moved to San Diego for a while, but it was a different kind of music. Later on you had the sweater-wearing types who people called "emo" but they never actually took the name for themselves. The acoustic folk-rock turned emo for a time because of Dashboard.

stfu! emo means emotive and emotional! u haters dont even know what it really means! labels are for soupcans. emos are just like everybody else(except we look hotter)

Yeah, you look intelligent. You say labels are for soupcans, but you refer to people that look that way as "emo" You can't escape the use of labels, it's in human nature to give things categories. That's where words like "retarded" and "gay" come in. If a situation is not appealing, it is called retarded or gay. Isn't that insulting to real retards and gays? In earlier days, we inulted/isolated them, now it carries into our modern language. Immoral? Involuntary? Ignorant.

Calling someone "gay" as a sleight isn't apart of the aesthetic of the original post-punk, post-hardcore DIY community. In fact, they eschewed such language and looked to be inclusive of queer identity in punk rock. Bands like Frail, Native Nod, Honeywell, Fingerprint, etc., wrote songs about this topic. Morevever, these bands also included gay members.

On that note, "emo" music was overtly political and inspirational. There was meaning, culture and movment behind the music

utubby sa...

fuckin authors censoring every thing

yes they're scene kids. Scene sick as a matter of fact, but you're just as much of a loser as them. You obviously care way too much about what others think or else you wouldn't be posting stupid fucking videos like this to change everyones perception of "emo". Orchid, september, i have dreams, and phasma phasmatis are the bomb-diggity fresh! suck a dick. peace

It's funny how your preaching about this and you are wrong as well. Real emo is The Cure, Depeche Mode, and Tears for fears. It just mean overly emotional music. Any music can be arguably emo, but certain bands portray a sound that is pure emotion. These bands seem to think that screaming covers the entire emotional spectrum.

That is so rite, and if you search the meaning of goth it is a fucking vican or something, it's also a lanuage. Wow look at society in their little lies they try to make themselvs beleve...it's sad

Technically "scene kids" are all posers also. Because "scene" just started as kids who always followed bands on tours they were always ON THE SCENE. Thus, scene kids. That's been blown out of proportion into "I PRETEND TO LIKE HELLO KITTY AND POWER RANGERS AND HAVE BIG FUCKING HAIR SO I'M SCENE." :P

utubby sa...

You got most of the video right though.
But gay kids with swooshing hair that cut themselves over false mental problems aren't scene.

i love it how your talking like your talking to a bunch of 3 year olds!!!!!
im like thiss all the time to my friends there like "oh i have an emo friend" and im like "um unless that friend of yours is a band or song no you dont" they look so stupied when i say stuff like that
lollolllolololo hahaha ha hhhhaaaa

o ur just jelous u stupid hoe

for every lame ass phase in music, there always comes a million different theories as to what it really is just to sugar-coat it and make it seem less retarded.....emo is the most fucking stupid and degrading term these days i dont like anyone defending it no matter what anyone thinks it means this week

I don't intend to offend you, but you've got it wrong. You're right that it should never have been used to describe this Goth meets Harry Potter Aestheticore bullshit, and definitely never should have been assigned to that whiney power pop shit.