my inner delinquency was anyhow crumbled and the horseback of folklore forgotten

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substance clump sa...

]break it[

My inner delinquency was anyhow crumbled and the horseback of folklore forgotten.

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mike cannell sa...

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ArtSparker sa...

A classic scifi trope, the evil child controlling events. The screen dots are clusters of energy.

Angela Genusa sa...

Love love love this, Troy, and the title is fantastic! I'm posting this to Facebook.

troylloyd sa...



= )
yep, them krazy kidz
create chaos!

that Twilight Zone episode
is mucho classico tho!

i'm seriously tempted to join Facebook just to see yer pages, i bet they are tweaked beyond belief!

i just wish FB was "open content",
i still can't seem to get over the "walled garden" aspect...plus, what if the heavymetal kidz who i ran away from home with when i was 13 find me & we hook up & hang out & i fall back back into the downward spiral of listening to Hellhammer records, desecrating graveyards, snorting crushed 357 Magnum pills & drinking Golden Grain?

it's scary.
: )

Anonym sa...


these are so ....+++