under an unquiet skull

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ghostwrider sa...

this is a poem i made earlier onna commybox improv over at
Johannes Göransson's excellent blog: EXOSKELETON.

seen here inna slight revise:

: : : : :

it's playtime in poemland
& the bridal trash basket
goes humpty-thump inna rabbithole

(rapid & rabid)

difficult intoxication fall down drunk &
stumble this junk lucky tumult,

O my contemporaries
I do not understand alphabetter
nor worse for silly softwares pixelbitten
shitting squeeze thru sweet release
& t.p. bung-hole deathmetal headshop

(crackbaggy ace 'o spades)

my mirror writes backward
ghoulgänger redrum killer flick

masking my asstracks
with perfumed toiletries

(swish this gift with jivey jingo)

Q: how many poets does
it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: it depends on who's asshole
you're screwing it into

kablooey splatch whammowhomp!
cartoonish violence popeyes my pipe
kuz felixbag makes moist magicz
& gravity ain't nothin but a pianodrop

(e flat)

o o o o o o o o

eff it.


troylloyd sa...

the images for this post is a new thing i've been doing, a kind of conceptual abstract comic which superzooms on old comicbooks & trying to create some sorta sequentiality or movement in some way hopefully ---- it's kind of like reclaiming the benday dots from Lichtenstein & putting them back into a comic format.

since these are straightup appropriations, details in zoom, i thought it would be best to start listing the original image source:

this one is from
Galago #17, 1988

by the very talented
Joakim Pirinen
is still going strong,
check it out!

troylloyd sa...


comprehensive page on Joakim Pirinen at the lovely Serie WiKin site


Anonym sa...

I like this!

troylloyd sa...

it's a great cover on the magazine, i tried to find an image of it online so i could link to it, but i couldn't find a picture of it anywhere.