sick crunchy bugfuck

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ungeheueres Ungeziefer sa...

it's impossible to translate
ungeheueres Ungeziefer

unexpected error

crumpled rubbish
paperpush pencilpoke
daily quirk

crazycage datestamp
sealed sneeze
squeaky grease
remember memory

oblique exthreme
roughdraft laff-trax

alarmclock countdown:

wake up.

I became Gregor Samsa.

brittleboy bedbug.

this is my metamorphosis.

altho die verwandlung sounds better.

I wiggled quick with insect instinct & sheen on wings emitting a cicada of panpipes.

stormhorde of loathing blown by dreamy beetles deep within the applause of breakbeat ecstasy blur stumbling & drenched thick with freakish phantasmagories.

my bloodygutted brains ate tunnels til tommorow inside the timetables of my final trainwreck.

swarm scatter of jobless doctors go vorpal for headless as if everyday wasn't already a hospital & life is the emergency room.

my screenshot was bugpowder.

(such dusty dreams)

I buzzed like dirty needles in junky vein & skinpops rocked all clocks to high midnight.


stung by thorax throbs, my gaping mouth-hole eviscerated hellish exoskeletons thru chew of the mawmaw squishsquashings crunched & funkyflunked forever everafter.

my buggish bedroom made the wildlike nature scene, breeding misanthropic hater-hives to honey up all of our desperate writhing horrors.

when I became the error,
the world came to my nest egg.

incubation ain't easy.

. . . . . .

mike cannell sa...


Anonym sa...

I don't understand a word those guys
above are writing- talking


i like very much to read something handwriten, käsiala on kaunista jos osaa vielä käsialaa...

and letters are olioita toisesta ulottuvuudesta... so as handwriting...

troylloyd sa...


i got lucky at the used bookstore & found this book, which on the cover is a facsimile of Kafka's manuscript

Anonym sa...

ou, that's surely amazing book!!!