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candyland carcrash sa...

note to self:

stencil squares
sewn together

" answerless "

stuffed plushy
crumpled paperwads
( wastebasket.)
textual gelcap
trapped alice
everyday strangeness
w/o pg. turn
chapter 2


" flashlight "

travelsize kleenex
box of objects
pink pearl
dexter edit

crossword cardshark
sandpaper centerfold

" vital stats "

machine writing
Mergenthaler Sholes
something gummy
frontstrike underscore
last acts

on the rotten bottom
scissorcut thruway
foldover fabrics
clear line
thumbtack tapedeck
w/ cute utilities
tough as jail
string of perils
necktie gasoven

" reading requires
no writing, but
writing requires
some reading "

blessedseller shitlist
hyperscreen hotshot
goddamned bigbellies
stupidshit goonsquad
moviehouse gumdrops

player's choice
always instruction
higher sublime
fog on fog
talkalot saysosuch

" complete sentences "

babyphrase jawbreaker
potential instruments
selected question
accidental evocation
voice torsion
brief survey

doorknob wastegate
scrambled scrimmage
expiration duedate
bonusboom bypass

" kill some space "

wordchoice octothorp
numbers ain't #'s
pounding slashpiles
overlaid offcenter
shrinkwrap garbagebag
jostle ocular
twelve twelve

(read these exciting details)

( wastebasket.)

. .. . .. .. .. .. .

Stephen Nelson sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.
Stephen Nelson sa...

Your work's a total inspiration, Troy. So bonnie aw. Ta, mate!

mike cannell sa...


Anonym sa...

Sometimes is very funny when you are trying to read english it like a total "hebrea"


but i can say like Stephen, i agree what he says...

troylloyd sa...

ta, mate!
to you Stephen!

& Satu, yes, there are so many different dialects of English that it can make things difficult, but for the most part it's all rooted to the same roots.

But the Scottish do have there very own real language which is quite interesting:
Scots language information( in Finnish)

the crumbling critic sa...

ahem, considering the procedural aspects involved and in correlation with the randomness of word selection accentuated by a lack of syntax, the poet tells us that any supposed utopia of ultimate meaningfulness simply cannot exist, thereby demonstrating the late-capitalist swerve from an industrial ethos of manufacture into the soporific stupor of false identities encapsulated and driven by a hyper-technological storefront of cultural luggage lost in long lines at the existential airport and now post-info pixel prairies box these endless screens reminiscent of ten-gallon cowboys killing the fields but leaving all carcasses to rot wild as in the west of new frontiers which is essentially an x-ray drivethru scanning all facets of physical existence thru evermore elaborate machine-lang numbergames wholly equating finally to viral hotflashes of outloud laughter in the neverending end to doubble ought nothingness and zero hundred midnight strikes struck straight-up fucking shit-splattered beyond belief.

(search my engines)

Stephen Nelson sa...

I would say that when words are sounded in the head they ring bells and by ringing bells attract other words which begin to ring bells and sound out a bell ringing epiphany of words with no tune no meaning line or lane to follow but still sounding nonetheless the sound of word bells a polyphonic head purifying word sculpture of bells sticking stuck and ringing ringing till the silence and the long slow drift of dislocation evaporation disinformation a head space a pure head space a headspace.

troylloyd sa...

hey Stephen, you're on fire today!

thanx for blessing the boxes w/ them bells ringinginging & i can see the circles of aural overlap expanding into each other until all the words make a single giant wave breaking into an ocean of all one language intermingling as their own yet merging into a wonderful wetness which washes all with universal understanding.

the Swedes have a great word, which i love,
which means "as clear as a bell ringing" & that's how you are my friend, in true harmonics with infinite timbre!

Stephen Nelson sa...

Very much inspired by the beauty of your suomi dictionary and the loops and swirls of well-lit pen on page.

Waves of shalom/ohm/shanti to all that's wyrd and wyred wthiin the wrd.wthiin.woord.