path to poetry

above: poemobject & abstract comic
by Satu

Satu Kaikkonen set up a blog which charts her progression
thru visual poetry & it's an interesting overview:
my way to visual poetry


Geof Huth recently made a post taking note
of Satu's work, & as well, including
a large portion of his visual poetry
presentation, which is pretty damn amazing
(as all of his reports from Finland have been)
Add Letters (to Taste)

7 kommentarer:

troylloyd sa...

= )

Mariana Soffer sa...

I love that toy made of wood and fabric, I used to have that as a kid, there are amazing, and they seem to be magic because of how they move. What is the last one, I could not understood.

troylloyd sa...

yes, it is a great little poem object, a poemtoy!

the last one (the blue one?) is an abstract comic, i really like the visual device that Satu has developed & uses alot in her abstract comics, the little "extension bubbles", a very clever approach & adds another dimension....i hope that helps you understand?

Anonym sa...


^ ^

troylloyd sa...

= )

thank you Satu

Stephen Nelson sa...

That's a great blue a/c by Satu. And the object is full of warmth and nostalgia.

mike cannell sa...

love satu's work.
allways a visual platinum mine