speechless speakeasy

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ello angler sa...


"It's your course, of choice. "

odd throb


untranslatable torque
litter fix ledge
an overmuch
into which
words throw swerve

meant to prevent
unwritten incognita

missing split or pivot
both directly and indirectly
names such range
whatever incalculable
enough scripto-fix
O "to know"
zero reverberant
play our universe
across this site

(helpless vector)

world in terms
internally enclosed
muffled rushes
buffeted by recognition

the interpenetrated
ghost of ghosts
(human history)
remake shape
by dent or dirt

by frameworks
visible in

storm such thud
as usable act

from ferocity
which empties
final silence
with escape

(zone a moment)

making meaning
and go hole
holding hardly
hardly known

open ghosts
of choice

shadow drop
lift looms of light
thrown, whereupon
memory been adrift
thru nuances
errant as labyrinth

cool blue
then eat
the flowering

"où n'avoir plus égard qu'au ciel bleu

L'oiseau qui le survole en sens inverse de l'écriture

Nous rappelle au concret, et sa contradiction"


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this is a minimal mashup of:

Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Joan Retallack

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Anonym sa...

i like these very much:

beautifull colors and you have your own speciall unique style to do things...

the yellow is so deep, i like that and the orange one....


very beautifull!

troylloyd sa...


thank you


i have been thinking quite a bit about abstract comics lately and i have bagan trying to flesh out some avenues of operation...i like this style and it comes easy for me, but i know there are yet things to be found...but regardless, i am going to continue with this style for the moment...these were the first few ones in this particular style...

Stephen Nelson sa...

I really like the first impression these make - that first glimpse. Then following the segments and getting involved in the detail and how it moves and changes. I think they're pretty funny too. They make me smile and giggle. Little bug-eyed monsters seem to emerge, popping in and out of the patterns - fluidity and motion within each frame. Really nice!

eggtooth sa...

these look great.
makes me wanna throw my sax in the river.

Mariana Soffer sa...

I think those drawings do speak and they say strong things, very strong ones. They are really beautifull and influenced by math forms which are magical for my brain, their perception cause on me a very special effect.
You are a great artist