abstract comics & abstract comics

Fantagraphics has got the Abstract Comics Anthology
ready to go & there's a 20pg. pdf preview too!


keep an eye on the abstract comics blog also!


& the always great online quarterly,
has an abstract comics feature in vol.1, issue 10
which is a must-read


now, my thanx go out to
Andrei Molotiu
for making all this happen,
thru his hard work & diligence,
setting into motion a movement of sorts
which seems to keep growing.
check his seminal blotcomics
& see how the seed has spread,
mainly by him bringing to attention
the possibilities of abstract comics


a fresh new blog:
Next Issue !
is out of the gate
with some very interesting conversations
touching upon the critical aspects of
abstract comics

12 kommentarer:

troylloyd sa...

hey kids!


troylloyd sa...

Experts say that the comic book was born on 16 February 1896 with the publication in the New York Journal of the comic strip 'The Yellow Kid', the first strip to include speech bubbles in the drawings. In Spanish, speech bubbles are called sandwiches – bocadillos . In Italian, they are called fumetti because they look like clouds of smoke. French and German use similar words to English – bulles (bubbles) and Sprechblase (speech bubbles).

Onomatopoeia is frequently used in the ninth art. The Spanish comic strip featuring secret agents Mortadelo and Filemón often contains babies crying. Waaaaahh! in English becomes Buaaaaahh!in Spanish and even Buuuuuuu! in Polish. The Italians wailers take a different cry (ueueueeee! ).

Stories about superheroes are full of people hitting each other. English punches go Pow! , while a good Spanish blow sounds like Pum! Depending on nationality, the person on the receiving end produces very different exclamations: the Germans shout Autsch! (like the English Ouch!), the French go Ouille! and the Polish cry Ala!

Attention: this commment will autodestruct in five seconds. Five… four… three… two… one… Boom! (in English), Puff! (German), Bam! (Spanish).

ArtSparker sa...

These are some very joyful protozoans you have here.

troylloyd sa...

...speaking of proto, i heard a pretty cool old rock 'n roll song the other day, "Alley Oop", about the funnypages character...i dug the chorus: alley oop oop alley oop oop, the singer kind of had a smartass snarl too...hell, it might've been The Bonzo Dog Dada Band , i'll hafta look more into it, alotta dffrnt ppl covered it...

Anonym sa...

marvellous pieces you have here....

blog is very inspiring... and the work of Andrei Molotiu....

troylloyd sa...

hei Satu!

yes, in many ways, Andrei Molotiu is responsible for the current cred that abstract comics carries...he's been at it quite a while, kind of in a missionary sense, prodding people toward the endless possibilities...

...& yes, you are correct, his work is amazing! some of his actual work is on a large scale, which would be great to see in the flesh...i'm just so glad that he is an enthusiastic person & has an ability to spread that enthusiasm among others...like me, for instance, if it wasn't for Andrei, i don't think i would have explored abstarct comics to degree that i have...he has opened up a lot of doors & in many cases those doors were not easy to open...going against the grain, endlessly trying to explain what abstarct comics are...dealing with hostility & being able to turn it all around...in my book, he has become somewhat of a cultural hero...

Anonym sa...


I finally managed to flip through some of this plethora of amazing stuff you've done. I was also fond of the package(s) Satu had with her at the Saaren Kartano Workshop. The 3-d stuff made me think of some of the recent work being done by some Finnish comics artists associated with the Huuda Huuda ("Shout Shout") publisher and the magazine KutiKuti ("TickleTickle"). They have an anthology out (10th in a series) called Glömp X and there's an exhibition connected to it which has some amazing sculptures and installations of abstract comics. There's some info at the bottom of this page:


I think you'd really like these guys and gals. :D

Anonym sa...

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troylloyd sa...

hei TM!


i tried to get my hands
onna copy of Glömp X
but it seemed to sell out
pretty fast, only 1000
copies, that shit looks
like the bigbomb!

thanx for the info
thanx for looking here!

= )

Anonym sa...

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