Lord knows, damndizzy devildance

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helldiver pilot sa...

me: on my toilet paper, in invisible ink, was writ strange pictograms only activated by the wiping of my hairy ass, they told me of the strange monolith i would soon come to discover, laying waste to all i had thought i had known at that point.
Sent at 10:23 PM on Monday

me: it was like a Lovecraftian fuggup plugg'd w/ all sorts of anal annihilation & my brains bled prayerbooks to islamic schoolchildren strapped w/ explosives preparing to fly building into ground.
Sent at 10:24 PM on Monday

me: i became an overnite lipbalm freckled w/ lotion it put on the lotion like Jame 'Buffalo Bill' Gumb & growing more viral by the minute inside the bloody fingernailed pit of ever enclosing deaths-head.
Sent at 10:26 PM on Monday

me: when i put my dickhole on youtube the noobs went wild for exotic shriekwrap & ordered my playhouse for swingsets.
Sent at 10:27 PM on Monday

me: my hangover was a lynching splattered w/ southern drawls lisping slowly along an unknown mountain littered w/ the remains of hillbilly goat babies braying for mommies milk & upon whose horns the damned devil himself smoked hoof paws to forget about heavenly cloudland.
the devil said, " wazup mang, yoo snortz dis bugpowder?"
Sent at 10:30 PM on Monday

me: i said,"hellyeah bro, lay thick the lines of no remorse" & my nostrils inflated like a flaming hindenburg forgetting oh the humanity & frying pans of pig sizzled crisco to baconfat enfranchised by my desire to have breakfast w/ a deity.
Sent at 10:32 PM on Monday

me: the coffee was good 'n bitter, just like those pillz speckled in demure nomenclature waiting for the dreamtime of doombook to alphabet away any semblance of meaning whatsoever.

this is how me 'n the devil became friends, now i can't get rid of the fucker.


Stephen Nelson sa...

Yeah, it's some scary shit! We call the devil Auld Nick. He's our familiar familiar. He got a warm sweaty hand. He got a grip like a dog bite. He knot letting go. Can't wait for judgement day. Fucker gonna run a mile.

Fantastic poem!!!
Fantastic piece!!!

Stu sa...

invisible ink
preparing to fly to the building ground

Monday: a viral disease which is within minutes

god will enjoy for breakfast:
Zen and the ten small goat

Monday, frying pans


invisible ink is preparing to
fly to the building ground

the drain is always accompanied by head


I liked the last one of the images... and could not help to put the text to the transaltion machine...

mike cannell sa...


troylloyd sa...

great commments!!!

= )