less more & more less

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voodoo chile sa...

(note: this poem was inspired via a conversation with a friend, who wished that on my blog there was "less you & more work" -- this brings up one of the "hottest" topics in poetics today, of which at the bottom of commment i've provided some links to relevant discussions thereof.

and now, by request
less more & more less --
remove that author!

witha disjunCtive tosstogether
ass if cut-upOn need no scissor,
finger, easy Mulch as any wormd
placed placePless page waist
so a fit compUter won't compo
any commu, Toward the blockage --
no!swerve! stEering ship w/o stars
shall shink e-eRrors downbottoms

& shunk this uPon hollow hull
acause rivets Only has hands
to hold sheety Exit lined driftpin
& cannot miss The gib, fittings
on rip bit by bit Replacing space
witha simple prY of ending loss

-- last inkline asail thru icey bergs
only enough above for hint at
what continues below, watertight
hatchbattens on hawse-hole,
these chains so linked, pulling
myriad shit under poopdeck.

arc of visibility until vanishing angle
& no togey for punishment
( intrinsic severity )
kissing the gunner's daughter
never kink'd such individual
as if strokes were school --
yes, learn!

crowd'd so close ain't
no room to swing a cat
everybody everywhere
all-the-time : everything,
but load'd to the gunwales
is good way to get drunk
let go & haul!
always in the offing,
aye aye Cap'n!

Gary Sullivan review:
PPL In a Depot

( a review by Nicholas Manning inwhich anwering paradoxical questions of )

"Of course, I feel that it is hardly necessary to say that Gary Sullivan, and Flarf writing in general, in no way bounces “genre, authorship, taste, and all the other no longer interesting issues out of the house.” It is difficult to see how any form of contemporary writing -- even that of the most hardcore transceptual -- could claim such wide-reaching manumission. Genre is not important in PPL? Isn’t the question of genre the central grounding feature at the base of Mohammad and Doris’s articulate desire to identify for Sullivan’s writing a specific literary grounding? Taste is not an issue? Isn’t the notion of taste -- as I’ll attempt to suggest later -- one of the primary preoccupations of these intricate, ambiguous dialogues?"

& Tony Tost "system says"
unquiet grave

(Tuesday, May 06, 2008 & update Sunday, May 11, 2008)

& on our perceptual apparatus in general, Angela Genusa has posted a bit of
Žižek :
Tijuana Taxidermied Typewriter