hesitation of squidself to squirtscreen

captcha stills from Bergman's " Vargtimmen "

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troylloyd sa...

yes, i've been asleep.
don't tell anyone.

i was planning on doing a one year blog anniversary thing in May, but i totally lapsed off into some weird hinterland of nothingness & didn't do anything at all except loaf in self-loathing.

something about the veneer or facade of art, of work, how it can disconnect with real life and exist in some strange bubble -- what is value?

sometimes i see no point.


Anonym sa...

i have many times thought - what is the point of doings and beings, art, works, even peoples - is there any value left that make a sense, that make a worth,

i don't know, but i think that we must to get use to that nothingless, because if we don't we collapse

i also think that there must be somekind of longing and yearning in the life - somekind of deeper level but we always so easy to forget or lose it...

i don't know maybe the life itself is the point: that thing that in the morning i can somehow open my eyes and take a first breath, if i'm a little bit asleep but still breathing i have a chance...

hugings to your my exraordinary, speciall friend - be just what you are....that enough and even more

mike cannell sa...

chin up! we're glad to see you back!

Chris sa...

I was just showing off my troylloyd collection to someone yesterday, and realized it had been too long since you'd posted, and hoped you were ok. Happy anniandchangeversary!

Stephen Nelson sa...

Yes! So glad to see you posting again buddie. I occasionally go off on these "what is the nature of the self" trips where I can get all pointless about how pointless it all is.

Right now I'm in a kind of Buddhist fantasy limbo, trying to get to grips with being in our non-being identity. It's tough. Maybe our hearts are all we have - hearts and flowers and candy, with cinnamon spice puppy dogs licking our faces in glee glee happiness or glue glue sappiness or glo glo pappinesss.

I used to get all sad as a child and my mum would comfort me with these "Oor Wullie" comic books. Oor Wullie is/was a wee Scottish lad with tousled hair and dungarees and he had these mildly comic adventures with his mates. But it generally worked. Got me out of the glum.

Stick around, t - we need ye!

troylloyd sa...


thanx everyone for the thoughts & words, i appreciate it.

on the question of value, there's a number of different ways one can look at it, recently a Picasso sketchbook (1917-1924) worth between $8.4 and $14 million dollars was stolen from a Paris museum, of course i understand why the object is valued so high, but it's still baffling. if i was presented with an option, like on a table was placed the Picasso sketchbook alongside Dieter Roth's gesammelte werke bands 20 & 40 : Deluxe Set, & given a choice between the two, i'd probably choose the Dieter Roth books.

i guess it also comes down to action, what do poems actually do? what overall effect does poetry have on the cultural climate? what can we learn from going to see an art exhibition & how can we implement those learnings into our daily lives?

there has been a meteoric rise in population of the "creative class" & many great things are happening, but even tho there seems to be a larger number of working artists, there seems to be a lacking of action -- the artworld/poetryworld still can't come close to the solidarity found in music scenes, being able to reach "normal people"...

...where does the intrinsic drive toward mark-marking come from & how should any resulting work fit into anything else & why does so much cultural work seem to be quite insular and exclusionary?

is everything subjective?

mike cannell sa...

i think most things are subjective. all your can really do is live how you belive is right and treat others as you would like them to treat you.

Anonym sa...

i mean

is everything subjective?

hell no